Adventures in Time Management

Anyone who has actually followed any kind of training program knows that one of the hardest things to do is to fit the hours required in with the rest of your life.

Varying energy levels leave me bargaining with myself to shuffle my schedule around so that I can get 30 more minutes of sleep right now. Entire weekends are planned around the weather so that I can take my bike out of my basement for one blessed ride. Trying to stay 6, 24, 48 hours ahead so that you’ve got enough clothes, food, and rest to tackle the next workout.

It becomes almost like a logic puzzle. If Matt needs to spend 1 hour in the pool, 2 hours on the bike and 1.5 hours running in the next three days and a blizzard is coming in the next 36 hours, how much food should he cook now so that he has enough leftovers to get him through the week?

Which brings us to the present. Yesterday, I pushed off my swim knowing that I had today off of work. Of course, I have today off of work because I have to bring my car to the shop and I’ll be without wheels from 8 AM to 4 PM. I also have to run an hour and get groceries because I plan on doing all of my Sunday cooking today while I have no car. So this morning went thusly:

5:30 AM, get swim gear together.

6:00 AM, Drive to YMCA (3 miles from house, 1.5 miles from garage) to drop off gym bag — get crap from woman at front desk as I leave “You just GOT here”.

6:15 AM, Grocery shop at Wegmans, spend >$100 in food within 30 minutes (there’s seriously something wrong with me)

7:00 AM, Unload groceries, get run gear together.

7:05 AM, Sniff running clothes

7:07 AM, Throw running clothes into laundry. Hope that it’s ready in time (which bring us to present time — clothes currently in dryer)

8:00 AM, Drive car to garage (1 mile from house). Run to YMCA.

8:15 AM, Re-enter YMCA, taunt woman at front desk.

8:20 AM, Swim

9:40 AM, Finish swim, leave swim gear and gym bag in locker. Change back into running clothes, finish the rest of my 1 hour run. Return home.

10:30 AM, Get home, shower, cook, finish laundry

3:30 PM, Run to garage, pick up car.

3:45 PM, Return to YMCA, pick up swim gear in locker room (hope that the same woman from the previous two visits is still on her shift)

And I should be back home by 4. Granted, today’s a little nutty because of my car issue, but it’s not completely out of the ordinary. Gotta stay a few steps ahead.

Weekly roundup

After all the new techniques that I learned last week, I’m kind of starting from scratch in the pool, but I’m getting there. Anyone who’s taken a golf lesson will know what I’m talking about — keep your left arm straight, bent your knees, head down, keep your legs loose, breathe through your eyelids, etc etc etc.  So I find myself getting twisted in knots occasionally, but it’s becoming more natural. I still can’t string together super long stretches and I need frequent rest periods, but it’s coming. I can tell.

The bike is starting to get hard, but I blame a lot of it on the trainer. Just mind-numbing. Hopefully the weather is going to break and I can get it out on the trails / roads.

I’m crushing my runs. Even my bad days are good days.

Personal Stats


Swim – 6.5 (improving slightly), Bike – 8, Run – 9.5

Weight – bouncing back and forth between 174 and 175. Shockingly, I still have not had the insatiable appetite that I was expecting.

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1 Response to Adventures in Time Management

  1. mwokulich says:

    10:29 AM and I just finished my run (1 minute ahead of schedule). Dammit, I’m good.

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