Week #5 — Puddin’ Needs a Nappy-Poo

Five weeks down. One-sixth of the way there. This fact is pretty much terrifying to me knowing where I need to be compared to where I am, but I’m staying true to the training schedule.

So far it’s manageable, but exhausting. I find myself sleeping much more than I’m used to — catching naps where I can and not caring if I’m lights out before 10. Of course, this isn’t at all surprising considering the energy I’m expending, but I was one of those people who prided himself on not needing much sleep to function. It’s as much of an adjustment as anything else. Now I’m losing an extra 1 – 1.5 hours a day to sleep in addition to the time spent training.

OK, now I’m whining about sleeping too much. Try telling that to the parents of a newborn. Suck it up, buttercup. Let’s go.

The good news is that I was FINALLY able to hit my mark on the 2500-meter swim on Friday, making me a formidable 1-for-10 at that distance. I broke it into small chunks (11×200 with one 300 mixed in there), so I’m not where I need to be, but I didn’t feel like death and my form didn’t disintegrate as badly as it has in the past. Plus, I sandwiched the swim in between a run to and from the YMCA, so one would have expected my energy levels to be sapped somewhat. So for me, that’s a win and I’ll take it. We do it all over again on Tuesday.

The new challenge is keeping energized on my bike while riding in my basement. You would think that watching TV while riding would be a good distraction, but I can’t focus long enough to follow anything resembling a plot. Homeland or Game of Thrones (new episodes start March 31 on HBO!) are right out. So I end up watching stuff that is either totally brain-dead (Tosh.0 or The Soup) for short rides, or movies that I’ve already seen (The Simpsons Movie and Boondock Saints) for long rides. Most of the time though, I have my head down and I just watch my gears crank away for 60 minutes at a time. If that sounds akin to torture, you’re not far off. I need spring to come so I can get out on the roads / trails.

Without much else to say about this week’s training, I’ll post my upcoming race schedule. The IronFit plan recommends an Olympic distance tri (0.9 mile swim / 25 mile ride / 6.2 mile run) in Week #18 and a Half Ironman (1.2 / 56 / 13.1) in Week #22 as training for the Full in Week #30. I’ve already done an Olympic, and since I’m more concerned about the Mont part of Mont-Tremblant (“Mont” is French for “mountain” for the linguistically impaired), I’m substituting in another half-Ironman in Week #18 with the hope that it whips my lily-ass.

Mike and I will be in Connecticut for the Quassy Half on June 1, which has six Category 5 climbs and one Category 3 climb. Now, this is nothing near what the guys at the Tour de France do (they literally bike up hills that defy categorization), but then again, I’m nowhere near the guys who ride in the Tour. So…this race should be interesting.

Mike and I will also be in Syracuse on June 23 for the Half Ironman. Looking at that bike profile, there’s a very steep hill at the beginning and it’s mostly downhill to finish. So that one will hopefully be a little easier. With the experience of my first Half Ironman (abbreviated HIM), and a somewhat flatter course, I hope that I turn in a better performance in Syracuse.

So three races in 2013. Simple right?

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